Christian Counseling Institute and Leadership Development of Life and Mission Ministry, Poland.

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What is „Celebrate Recovery”® program?
„Celebrate Recovery” is a Christ centered, easy to use and carefully designed program. It was written by John Baker and Rick Warren to help people struggling with hurts, bad habits and addictions, by introducing them to the grace and power of Jesus Christ in the process of healing.

It is designed for support groups in churches and Christian communities.
It is a powerful tool that has helped to give up bad habits, to return to healthy functioning, and build a strong and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thousands of people participated in this program over the last several years, in many countries around the world. The program helps to find hope and healing that Jesus Christ offers. It is based on Twelve Steps and Eight Principles from the Beatitudes as found in New Testament.

Who can join the „Celebrate Recovery” program?
The program applies to people who are struggling with hurts from the past, bad habits or addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual) as well as other problems (financial, divorce, violence, eating disorders, guilt, low self-esteem).

History and effects of the „Celebrate Recovery” program
Almost 20 years ago, Saddleback Church in the United States began this program with 40 participants. Since then more than 10 000 people took part in it. Currently 70% of church members are people who joined the community because of the participation in the program. 85% of people who completed the program, remained in the church, and almost half are actively involved in various ministries. Currently, the "Celebrate Recovery" is carried out in several different countries on all continents.

CR Resources (translated in Polish)
„Celebrate Recovery” – Leader’s Guide,
„Celebrate Recovery” – Training and Program starter kit,
„Celebrate Recovery” – Participant’s Guides (1-4),
“The Road To Recovery” – Audio Lectures,

    Conferences and trainings in Poland
    “Celebrate Recovery” Conferences have been organized by the Christian Counseling Institute of the Life & Mission Ministry:
  • 2008, August 1-3, (Wisla). Lecturers: Dr. Scott Rische, Ken and Tanya Orihood;
  • 2010, March 19-21, (Ustron). Lecturers: Bob and Karrie Wood, Amy and Matt Kowalski.

The conferences were attended by over 300 people from all over Poland. The participants came from various Christian churches, representing many professions (teachers, therapists, psychologists, educators, pastors). Among the participants there were employees of prisons and social care workers.

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