Christian Counseling Institute and Leadership Development of Life and Mission Ministry, Poland.

Christian Counseling Institute

Basic Course in Christian Counseling
The course includes 70 hours of lectures and workshops. Every year we train up to 80 people, from all over Poland, who represent different professions, churches and social backgrounds. Among them are medical workers, psychologists, businessmen, schoolteachers, social workers, missionaries, pastors, youth leaders, etc. Additional seminars are also held in churches and church-based Bible schools in Poland.

Trainers: Henry Wieja (MD) and Alina Wieja (MA)
After completing the One Year Course in Basic Christian Counseling many students have given a testimonies on what they experienced while preparing themselves to serve others more effectively.

Opinion of those who finished the Course:
“I am so grateful that God has led me to be part of this Course. I am so thankful to Henry and Alina for their teaching sessions. The whole training has helped me to consolidate and process all of my knowledge and information on helping people in pain, that I had gathered through out the years. It helped me to realize many mistakes I have made while counseling in the past and this course helped me to find the correct biblical approach. It was also valuable because it brought many answers to my personal life.”
Agata (Children Specialist Worker)

“What I have seen and heard here has exceeded all of my expectations. I consider this course a great mixture of getting to know God’s wisdom and solutions for the hurting person, excellent teaching by Henry and Alina on professional care - giving ministry, and transforming work of the Holy Spirit, all on the very personal level. This cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. I highly recommend the course to everyone who is eagerly searching for God with their whole heart and has a passionate heart that wants to help others effectively.”
Jacek (Medical Doctor)

“The Course in Basic Christian Counseling made me realize that helping others is not to be taken lightly and it requires preparation and study. Above all that openness to God... ! Thanks to the training I could draw closer to Him, learn a lot and get equipped and motivated to effectively help others.”
Piotr (Youth Pastor)

“The training in Christian Counseling Institute it not only had an immense impact on how we counsel, but also it changed our view on what bringing help actually means. Furthermore this course also impacted our personal lives. Since the training, now we do counseling in a more professional way. Doing it part time we have started to consider it as a full time ministry.”
Zofia & Tomasz (High School Director; Psychologist, Christian Counselors)

“The training helped me to see the need to connect the biblical and psychological knowledge as essential to intervene successfully in critical situations.” – Anetta (Psychologist)

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